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Welcome to D&S Rabbitry:)!!!
ARBA Rabbitry# D1538
Sam and other Rex youth at 2012 ARBA Con.
 We hope you can find everything you need. D & S Rabbitry is focused on producing high-quality Rex & Mini Rex for local and National Shows. Proud members of ARBA, NMRRC, NRRC, Wasatch Breeders Association, Utah Rabbit Breeders Association and the NEW Utah State Mini Rex Specialty Club. Samantha is a proud member of S.L. County Lucky 4-H'ers club. I, Samantha, am starting to do the editing of our D&S website. I love to know of anything that is not on here that you would like to see please E-mail me.
                Sammie Hatch :)
About Us
  We are a small family rabbitry located in Draper, Utah. Owned and operated by Daniel Hatch and daughter Samantha. We have been raising Mini Rex since 2008 & Rex since 2012. And still have much to learn. We did step out of the picture in July 2010, but returned in January 2011. We have tried to purchase the best quality of stock and strive to improve on that. Samantha's main Focus is on (Mini Rex) in Blacks, Broken Blacks, Black Otter's & REW's she is also working on (Rex) in Black & White. I can't tell you how much it means for the both of us to do this together I think that Samantha is just in it for the road Trips. LOL...
 Our rabbit raising days started with a Black Standard Rex Doe, that Samantha received from a cousin of mine. Samantha wanted it to have babies, so I looked on KSL, a local classified ad site, and found a lady name Cindy Bennett and made arrangements to come and look at her rabbits. When Sam and I went over to look at a White Standard Rex Buck, Cindy told us about rabbit shows. (I had no idea). We went to our first show in the spring of 2007 and Samantha was hooked. Shortly after we started, her Standard Rex Buck DRAKE, that we purchased from Cindy, died. So we sat back and decided against getting another Standard Rex, since Samantha was only 5 years old and couldn't hardly pick them up, but loved the fur, we decided to purchase a couple Mini Rex. We had no idea what we were doing. We bought a Black Doe, a Red Doe, a Harlequin Buck and just made a mess of things. I'm glad that didn't last too long. I soon found out, you get what you pay for. And contacted Random Rex in Northern California. They sold us some fine animals, Randoms Chaos and Randoms Death Sentence. Both Black Otters. Well that is the beginning and we are nowhere near the end!
Update November 3rd 2012
2012 ARBA Convention Wichita, KS
D&S Hades BOSV Black Sr Buck & 2nd Colored Fur
D&S Yep BOV Broken Jr Buck (SOLD) to Matt Rosenberg in ID.
D&S Drake 2nd place Jr White Buck
D&S Star Best White Fur White Sr Doe (Donated) to a family at Convention that had all there money stolen
D&S C.D. BOV & BOS!!! White Jr Doe
Update January 2012:
I received a trio of Rex to start my Rex breeding program from Tom James. Thanks Tom!!!
Mini Rex
Update November 3rd 2012
2012 ARBA Convention Wichita, KS
D&S Epic Fail 5th Black Jr Buck
D&S Mtn' Dew 6th Black Jr Doe
D&S Crystal 13th Black Jr Doe (SOLD)
D&S Peeps 14th Black Jr Doe (SOLD) to Cassie Curtis in UT.
D&S Poseidon 8th Broken Sr Buck
D&S Baby 16th Broken Jr Doe
Kener's Killer 10th Caster Jr Buck (SOLD)
D&S Frogwoffell 17th REW Sr Doe & Best White Fur
D&S Snow Prince 5th REW Jr Buck
Utah Mini Rex Specialty Club, Officers.
President: Stan Kener
Vice President: Daniel Hatch
Secretary: Terrie Kener
Treasurer: Terrie Kener
Board Members: Jenny Easton, Mark Levy, Cassie Curtis.
Special Thanks goes out to:
Stan Kener at Kener Rex Farms, Jody Ramey at Sunny Daze, Mike Travis at CMZ, Kathy and Pam at KT's, Sandy Lowry at Cresthill's, Alien & Steve at Folklore & Fables,Tom James,and Chris & Michael Mageles at Minnow Lakes! We would like to thank all of you for the beautiful rabbits that we now have!!!
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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